Productivity through animal welfare

Reconciling productivity, environment and animal welfare

XO helps poultry farmers to prevent risks and treat contamination. It provides continuous litter treatment along environmental and animal monitoring.

XO treats

Scarify the litter

  • Litter drying
  • Prevention of scab formation
  • Reduction of ammonia production

Distribution of sanitizing solutions

  • Litter cleaning by spraying sanitizing solutions
  • Continuous distribution as close as possible to the litter / animals
  • Local adaptive treatment


XO analyse

Environmental monitoring

  • Multi-sensor system as close as possible to the animals
  • Mapping: temperature, humidity, ammonia
  • Alerts for optimal security

Animal monitoring

  • Exploitation of Artificial Intelligence solutions and on-board cameras
  • Detection, counting and localization of dead chickens

Data analysis

  • Data processing and access
  • Real-time alerts

Multiple benefits

Ensuring lasting success

Because performance is over time,
XO is part of an economical and environmental approach and offers customer support over 5 years minimum.
Our long-term conception allows us to be as close as possible to our customers’ reality.


XO is:

  • Support for installation
  • Excellence in technological choices
  • Technical support
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Sustainable support


They talk about...

I knew the robot during a visit to SPACE tradefair. I expect the robot to scarify the litter to aerate it, keep it soft, crumbly, so that there is no crust in order to have less pododermatitis. Before, I tried to scarify myself either with a fork or a tiller, which was quite painful. The robot works alone, about 12 hours a day and goes almost everywhere. Robotics in the future will relieve poultry farmers because we are short of workforce and this will strengthen the profession for the recovery of poultry farms. Currently, there is a societal demand for improved animal welfare. I think the robot will allow us to go in this direction.

Yannick JOLIVETPoultry farmer, Morbihan (56)

I tested the XO robot on 5 batches of standard broilers. It allowed me to havea softer and much less crusted litter. Thanks to XO, the brewing is done automatically, a real time saving in my work. Its daily passage results in better cleanliness of the animals, an increase in their mobility improving their well-being and their performance in terms of index and weight.

Joseph PINEAUPoultry farmer, Maine-et-Loire (49)

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