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Mini & Mini – PRO

The Biosafety Mini and Mini Pro are Airway Disinfection devices (AWD). Equipped with 1 or 5 nebulization nozzles (Mini or Mini Pro), they diffuse a dry fog of disinfectant thanks to the patented ViruGun technology. They can be used for the disinfection of volumes up to 150 m³ without human presence.


  • Portable
  • Compact
  • Autonomous
  • Programmable

Technical characteristics

The Biosafety Mini and Mini Pro devices are equipped with nebulization nozzles making it possible to diffuse droplets calibrated at 12 µm +/- 3 µm. The dry fog thus formed does not generate humidity or corrosion and is distributed evenly in every corner of the place to be disinfected, even the most difficult to access (drawers, cupboards, etc.).
The disinfectant used (hydrogen peroxide) is compatible with sensitive materials (fabrics, electronics), leaves no residue on treated surfaces and is 100% biodegradable.

Device 100% connected via the Octopus Biosafety mobile Application

Control your Biosafety Mini in a few clicks. Choice of places and volumes, disinfection speed (normal or eco), planning of your disinfection campaigns, etc.

Disinfection has never been easier!

  • Security

    Operation without human presence, remote control and monitoring of operations
  • Traceability

    Record of disinfection reports
  • Efficiency

    Compatible with EN 17-272

Download the Octopus Biosafety Application

Octopus Biosafety Cloud Your data secure and accessible
all the time

Equipment, users, locations and disinfection reports are automatically recorded on a secure and permanently accessible Cloud. The Octopus Biosafety Cloud allows to analyse and visualize in a global way all the disinfection processes.

They talk about...

Setting up the disinfection of our accommodation and our common areas with Biosafety Mini for the 2021 season was both easy and reassuring. This is the guarantee of a certified and safe tool for our customers, and the assurance of a simple and reliable device for our teams. The ideal solution to assert yourself as a safe, clean and committed campsite.

Mathilde LEPIOUFLEDirector of Camping La Croix Villieu, Morbihan (56)

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