35 years of technological innovations dedicated to health The future of the poultry farming with robotics

Founded in 1987, Octopus is an international leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of mobile, autonomous, intelligent and modular robots.
Octopus's mission is to democratize robotics within the poultry sector and to support breeders in this new practice.

Designed for poultry farmers and animal welfare, the company now offers the XO robot and more recently the T-Moov robot and the Easy-LIT electric scarifier.

Octopus robots are equipped with advanced communication and navigation systems that facilitate optimal guidance and tracking, just like autonomous vehicles. A concentrate of cutting-edge technology designing for health, biosecurity and productivity.

The poultry sector is moving towards an inevitable robotic transition.
OCTOPUS is now ready to support each breeder in this poultry farming of the future.

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