Broiler breeders

Reduce floor eggs and improve the fertility of your breeding hens

Reducing floor eggs and increase the fertility rate will help make your poultry group a success and directly affect your bottom line. Spoutnic assists you 24/7 to achieve your goals.

Less toil, more time to do your job

Nest trainning requires 8 to 10 walk-throughs per day to get your birds moving. Sometimes this can make it hard for you to get on with other farm work. T-Moov saves up to 50% of your time and cuts the number of visits to the pen to one third. This lets you focus more on your job and livestock.

Fewer floor eggs, better-quality chicks

T-Moov assists you 7 days a week in the pen and encourages your birds to lay eggs in the nests. It helps reduce the rate of floor egg rate and increase the number that hatch. Clean eggs laid in the nest means better-quality chicks, thus improving your profitability.

Fewer rooster additions, higher fertility

Supervised trials have shown that the robot urges an increase in the level of mating activity (+30%) and helps improve fertility by 5 percentage points. This is particularly an interesting gain in productivity per hen after 45 weeks of age.

Less aggression, healthier animals

While making the birds move, the robot improves their behavior, resulting in up to 50% less pecking and well-managed groups. T-Moov, with its variety of sound and visual stimuli, makes for a better living environment. Your animals are less stressed and less aggressive.

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