Turkey breeders

Reduce floor eggs and manage turkey broodies

Reducing floor eggs and managing brooding will help make your poultry group a success and directly affect your bottom line. T-Moov assists you 24/7 to achieve your goals.

Less toil, more time to do your job

Successful breeding turkeys require regular checks to avoid floor eggs and limit broody behavior. Sometimes this can make it hard for you to get on with other farm work. T-Moov saves up to 50% of your time and reduces the number of coop walk-throughs to a third. This lets you focus more on your job and livestock.

Fewer floor eggs, better-quality turkey poults

T-Moov reduces the number of floor eggs by encouraging turkeys to go to the nest, resulting in clean eggs and healthier poults.

Fewer broody birds, more production

Running T-Moov reduces the number of broodies greatly, saving time and making breeding more profitable. Less brooding also means better-quality work.

Less aggression, more stimulating environment

While making the animals move, the robot improves their behavior, resulting in up to 50% less pecking and well-managed groups. The turkeys are less aggressive and calmer during insemination.

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