Commercial turkeys

Improve the feed conversion ratio and condemnation rate

Without stimulation, turkeys tend to stand still. When you’re looking for solutions to get your birds moving, lower the feed conversion rate, and reduce pecking and scratching, which impact the profitability of your farm. T-Moov assists you 24/7 to achieve your goals.

Less toil, more time to do your job

In a context of de-medication and consideration for animal welfare, it is necessary to find solutions to get your poultry move more. It’s a repetitive, time-consuming job. Sometimes it can make it hard for you to get on with other farm work. T-Moov saves up to 50% of your time and reduces the number of pen visits to a third. This gives you more time to focus on your job and livestock.

Less feed cost, higher ADG, more homogeneity

The robot encourages the animals’ natural activity. The feed they consume is more effective, triggering weight gain from the very first days and leading to a more homogeneous batch. You save on feed and turkeys gain higher weight.

Fewer illness, more added value

The robot stimulates the activity of the birds, which scratch, drink and eat. Bumblefoot, wishbone and tarsal burns, and cysts are reduced. You will notice better value in your group, with lower condemnation and improved meat quality.

Less aggression, more stimulating environment

While making the animals move, the robot improves their behavior, resulting in up to 50% less pecking and scratching. T-Moov, with its variety of sound and visual stimuli, makes a better living environment. Your animals are less aggressive.

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