Reduce floor eggs and pecking

Teaching the birds to go to the nest, collecting floor eggs, putting the hens back on the slats or in the aviary at the end of the day, looking after the birds’ welfare… The egg-laying sector is a very demanding one.

Less toil, more time to do your job (A better technical efficiency)

Nesting requires many walk-throughs per day to get your birds moving. In the evening, you need to come by to put the hens back up onto the slats or into the aviary. T-Moov assists you with these lengthy tasks, saving up to 50% of your time and reducing the number of pen walk-throughs to a third. This lets you focus more on your job and livestock.

Fewer floor eggs, higher earnings

T-Moov moves along the floor 24/7 tirelessly and urges the birds to lay eggs in the nests. It helps reduce floor eggs and increase those that are clean and marketable.

Less aggression, more stimulating environment

While making the animals move, the robot improves their behavior, resulting in a drop of 50% less pecking and better-managed groups. T-Moov, with its variety of sound and visual stimuli, makes it a better living environment. Your animals are less aggressive, move well, and spread out more on the pen.

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