News Acquisition of TIBOT Technologies


Auray, November 22, 2022 – OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY, specialist in poultry robotics dedicated to broiler poultry, today announces the acquisition of the assets of TIBOT.

The brittany company OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY has developed the XO poultry robotic solution to improve animal welfare and the productivity of broiler farms. This autonomous mini tractor ensures the treatment of the litter and contributes in particular to the reduction of pododermatitis. XO was sold in France in September 2021 and then internationally at the end of 2022.

The TIBOT startup was a pioneer in poultry robotics for laying hen farms. More than 200 units of the small Spoutnic/T-Moov robots have been sold in 22 countries through a network of 14 distributors.

“We share with TIBOT the same vision of robotics to improve the daily life of poultry farmers and the performance of farms” underlines Bertrand VERGNE, President of Octopus Biosafety. “The robotic revolution is obvious to us to meet the challenges of 21st century poultry farming,” he added.

As soon as the assets are integrated, OCTOPUS BIOSAFETY will be able to immediately ensure the sales and delivery of T-Moov and Easy-LIT products as well as after-sales service for the entire range.

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